The Gospel According To Right This Very Moment


November 17th, 2017

Hi, Mr. Trumps. My name is Jilly. I am 8 years old. We in Tennessee. My real name is Jillian but everybody call me Jilly. I am Youtubing because my mama say that in America we are supposed to tell the President if he does something we don't like. So, I am Youtubing you.

My friend, Guadalupe, we in class together ever since kindergarten. We in 3rd grade now. I live on Cypress Avenue and Guadalupe lives way over on Bellancourt St. but I go over there all the time. I like her momma and daddy. Sometimes we go over where her mama cleans the rooms at the motel and we get to see the different rooms and one time, we jumped up and down on a bed. We got in trouble for that. But I like seeing all the different rooms. Her mama nice. My mama nice, too. I am using her phone to do the Youtubing.

Mr. Trumps, my daddy say that you say that maybe Guadalupe's mama and daddy got to leave, got to go back to Mexico, but I don't know why. They work hard. They come over after Katrina done hit. I think Guadalupe's mama and daddy should have named her Katrina ‘cause she got born here because of it. They come so her daddy could build up the buildings again and houses. I think that's nice - building up houses all nice for people so that they got a place to stay. Bedrooms with the beds for everybody and fireplaces when it cold out. I got my own room. Guadalupe got to share with her sisters. They itty bitty still.

A boy at school, he an older boy, he say Guadalupe should go back home, she don't belong, she different. I don't know why he say that but my mama explain it to me. Mr. Trumps I hope you're not like that boy because that ain't right. They just like my mama and daddy. They work hard. On Saturdays, when I go over to Guadalupe's house, her mama make us sweet tortillas. You ever had that Mr. Trumps? Oh, they so good. She put the tortilla on the fire, and you flip it and flip it and flip it so it’s hot and then you put the butter on and then you put honey and then you roll it up! It's so good! We ain't never had that at my house. My mama say I am eating like a Mexican and that how you know about other people from other places. You eat their food.

Mr. Trumps, I don't want Guadalupe to leave. She my friend. I don't got no brothers and sisters but I got Guadalupe. We play with our dolls and one time I found a little dump truck and we made a whole town in the dirt in the backyard. She a good girl, never do nothing wrong, except that time we jumped on the beds, but we ain't done that again. Mama say Guadalupe is a real nice girl and she don't talk all the time like I do. And she real smart. She speak two languages and she helps me with my reading. My mama say that I could read as good as I talk I’d be reading with my grade level.

Mr. Trumps, I want Guadalupe to stay here. Please. I got to go now before my mama notice her phone is missing. I want to go to the White House one day and see how big it is. Guadalupe and I could go together. I asked my mama if the White House is the biggest house in the world and she said it’s not the biggest but it is really big with all these rooms from old presidents. She said Abraham Lincoln still got his own bedroom which I don’t understand cause he dead...