Kiké is an actress, singer, solo performer, cabaret performer, screenwriter, and producer.

Kiké's wild creation, that deliriously delightful chanteuse, Luscious!, is awaiting her Broadway debut with the solo cabaret play, Luscious! In Love at Last. Check out Luscious’s Youtube channel here.

In addition to Luscious! Kiké co-created and wrote Marmsouch: The Other Second Coming, a half-hour comedy about a Nashville televangelist. You can view the teaser here.

Kiké also works with other solo performers developing both the script and the performance. As a singer, she creates and performs cabaret shows including The Silly and the Sublime in which she explores the glorious and sometimes surprising songs in movie musicals. Did the Gershwins really write an S and M song? Yes they did.

While Kiké waits for Luscious to get her butt on Broadway, she continues to adapt and write teleplays and screenplays for Heaven on Earth Productions.

"Kike's own character work is dazzling and she can help you to learn how to get the precision and physical dexterity you'll need for yours."
— David Ford, Director in Residence, The Marsh, San Francisco

"Kike is a gifted writer, performer, and director and the kind of person you need on your side if you are crafting a story for the stage. She is not afraid of the persistance and passion that shapes the everyday story into a solo play.
— Ron Jones,Writer and Solo Performer