Kikélomo Adedeji is a film and stage actress and an acclaimed cabaret performer. She sings jazz and Broadway and also sings in French, Italian, Spanish.

For the theatre, Kiké has written and performed two full-length solo plays. Tolula and Luscious! In Love at Last. In Tolula she plays 36 characters in a story about an artist who experiences the beauty and desolation of the New Mexico desert and the realities of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Luscious! In Love at Last is a cabaret play about that deliriously delightful champagne-swilling chanteuse, Luscious. Luscious examines her life, well, here love life through the songs of all the greats – Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, and Brian Wilson. Luscious now has her own web series, the minisodic, Luscious! On Life. Look for it on her Luscious! YouTube channel.

Kiké is also a screenwriter and producer and is the principal at Heaven on Earth Productions. With Creative Collaborator, Jake Jensen, she co-created and wrote Marmousch: The Other Second Coming, a half-hour comedy. To see all the Heaven on Earth projects go here: www.heavenonearth.productions.